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Digital Art & Animation

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

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Digital Art & Animation
Digital Art & Animation
Artificial Intelligence
Cyber Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our digital skills learning platform is designed to accommodate children of all skill levels, including complete beginners. We understand that every child learns at a different pace and has unique strengths, so our platform offers a variety of age-appropriate and engaging learning materials tailored to suit their needs.

Our courses start with the fundamentals, introducing children to basic concepts in a fun and interactive way. As they progress, the platform adapts to their learning style, offering more challenging content and hands-on projects to build on their newly acquired skills. With the wealth of learning resources, your child will be able to comfortably navigate the world of digital skills, regardless of their starting point.

Our digital skills learning platform is designed to cater to a diverse range of age groups, ensuring that children and teenagers can benefit from our courses and develop essential digital skills at an appropriate pace. We offer specially designed courses for the following age groups:

  • 7-9 years old: At this age, we introduce children to the fundamentals of digital skills through engaging and interactive content. Our courses are designed to spark their interest in technology and build a strong foundation for future learning.
  • 10-12 years old: As children grow, our courses become more advanced, covering a broader range of topics and focusing on developing problem-solving and creative thinking abilities. We continue to engage learners with interactive projects and age-appropriate challenges.
  • 13-15 years old: For teenagers, our platform offers more in-depth learning experiences, delving into complex concepts while still maintaining an engaging and fun approach. Our courses are designed to help them build a strong digital skillset and prepare them for future academic or career opportunities.
  • 16+ years old: Our courses for this age group are tailored to refine and expand their digital skills further. We offer advanced learning modules and real-world projects that can help them stand out in college applications or the job market.

Our aim is to provide an accessible and enjoyable learning experience for every age group, helping children and teenagers become confident and proficient in the world of digital technology.

All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet with a stable internet connection. That's it!

For specific courses like Robotics, some additional hardware or kits may be required. Detailed information about these requirements will be provided in the course description.

No, our digital skills learning platform is designed to enable most children to work independently through the step-by-step lessons. However, younger children (7-9 years old) may need some initial assistance as they familiarize themselves with the platform and the learning process.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time.

A microbit is a small, programmable device that helps students learn digital skills such as coding, electronics, and robotics. Members receive a microbit when they sign up for our digital skills learning platform, so they can apply what they learn in our online courses and experiments in a tangible way.

Each member receives:

  1. A coder profile page with username & avatar
  2. A membership certificate
  3. A NFC tag & QR code that links to their coder profile
  4. Coding stickers and badges
  5. A ranking on our leader boards

Your child can learn a wide range of valuable digital skills on our learning platform, designed to empower them with the knowledge and tools to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Our platform focuses on 5 key digital skill areas:



Digital Art & Animation

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

  1. Coding: Your child will learn the fundamentals of programming languages, developing problem-solving and logical thinking abilities through coding exercises and projects.
  2. Robotics: Our platform introduces children to the world of robotics, teaching them how to design, build, and program robots for various applications, fostering creativity and engineering skills.
  3. Digital Art & Animation: Children will explore the creative side of technology, learning to create digital art, animations, and 3D models using various software and tools.
  4. Artificial Intelligence: Our courses demystify AI and machine learning concepts, guiding children through the basics of how AI works and how it can be applied in real-world situations.
  5. Cyber Security: We emphasize the importance of online safety and privacy, teaching children how to protect themselves and their information from digital threats.

Receive a monthly email update that includes your child's progress report and expert tips to support and encourage their learning journey. Stay informed and engaged in their digital skills development.

Join our weekly live online classes where our experienced instructors guide students through fun and educational projects. These interactive sessions help deepen understanding and allow students to ask questions and receive real-time feedback.

The student monthly challenges are a series of engaging and educational tasks. Each month, a new challenge is presented, encouraging students to apply their digital skills to build, create, or develop a project. These challenges aim to foster creativity, problem-solving, and technical abilities, as students work either individually or collaboratively to complete the tasks and possibly earn rewards or recognition for their achievements.

Participate in exciting Build Battles, special live classes where students are given a time-limited challenge and compete against their peers. Afterward, we showcase everyone's creations, promoting friendly competition and inspiring new ideas.

Collaborate on team-based community projects, where students are assigned different roles such as coding, design, or sound effects. This fosters teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills while applying their digital skills to real-world scenarios.

Digi, the AI student assistant, is an innovative feature of our digital skills learning platform designed to support and enhance your child's learning experience. Digi is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that acts as a virtual guide, providing personalized assistance to each student as they navigate through the courses and work on projects.

With Digi, your child can:

  • Receive instant feedback and answers to their questions, ensuring they understand key concepts and can progress at their own pace.
  • Access tailored learning resources, including supplementary materials and helpful tips based on their individual needs and progress.
  • Stay engaged and motivated through interactive elements and encouragement, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Digi is a valuable resource for our students, offering 24/7 support and fostering independent learning while still ensuring they have access to the guidance they need to succeed.

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